Friday, August 15, 2008

The Mystery Tooth Ache

The three of us (me, Kyle and the Princess) paid a visit to the dentist today. For the past week, Kyle had been experiencing some pain in his molar and wanted to get it checked out. First, allow me to mention that while he was in the juvenile program, he was seen by a dentist. Kyle tells me that the dentist told him he had a cavity---in this same tooth. Kyle’s statement caught me off guard because I’m wondering why this dentist didn’t fill the tooth. Is this normal? Or, was the dentist doing the right thing by allowing Kyle to have it taken care of by his family dentist? I don’t know!

Anyway, off and on, this tooth continued to bother him. I contacted our dentist’s office earlier this week and luckily was able to get an appointment for today. We arrived at the dentist office, filled out the normal paperwork and got out insurance information squared away. After waiting for a few, The Princess and I trekked behind Kyle to the exam room. The dental assistant took x-rays and performed an oral exam. After her review, she mentions that she sees no cavity and summons the dentist. In walks a very tall, thin man. He politely introduces himself and proceeds to review the x-ray and performs another oral exam.

Dentist: “What tooth are you having problems with?”

Kyle: “The one in the back next to my wisdom tooth area” (wisdom tooth already gone)

Dentist: “Does it hurt when I do this…?” (dentist pokes the tooth with an instrument)

Kyle: “No.”

silence for a few seconds

Dentist: “I don’t see anything wrong with your tooth.” He looks at the x-ray again.

Kyle: “I was told I had a cavity in that tooth.”

Dentist: “By whom.”

Kyle: “By a dentist across the bridge.”

Dentist: “You don’t have any cavities. As a matter of fact, your teeth are perfect.”

That was it! Both Kyle and I were stunned and elated at the same time. We couldn’t believe it and off we went. Truly the oddest thing I had ever encountered. I didn’t question the dentist and went with his assessment 100%.

I’ll keep you posted if we have to make a trip back to the dentist for the same thing. But as far as I’m concerned…the mystery of the aching tooth continues.

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