Sunday, August 10, 2008

Belated Father's Day

Since I had not been blogging for the past few months, I missed posting on Father's Day.

Every year on Father’s Day, a local community close to our home sponsors a Father’s Day picnic at a park. For the past 5 years, the four of us (me, hubby, Kyle & The Princess) have attended spending time with family, friends and acquaintances. This year’s Father’s Day was extra special to my husband—his son, Cory, and wife Mara spent the day with us. Cory & Mara live in the DC/Maryland corridor.

The day was spent talking, laughing and catching up. We don’t see each other much but my husband tries to talk to Cory at least once a week. Since we knew they were coming, I decided to bring my camera along for some family photo opps and we love to see The Princess’ face light up when we tell her Cory is coming for a visit. So….throughout the day, Mara and I took candid & posed pics of the 3 (Cory, hubby, The Princess) together. At the end of the day, fun was had by all!

Days later, I received copies of pictures from Mara & Cory’s camera. One of them has been added to this post. So, let me know how your Father’s Day was celebrated.

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