Sunday, August 10, 2008

Daddy's Loyal One

Yesterday morning while running errands with my husband and the Princess, we stopped to get donuts and coffee. My husband decides to wait in the car and The Princess and I make our way to the store. While waiting in line, The Princess notices the reloadable gift cards on the counter. Any card she notices like this is considered a “credit card”, so she proceeds to pick up one and places it in her fashionable purse.

After collecting our donuts and cups of Joe, The Princess and I made our way back to the car. She climbed in the car and says to my husband, her dad, “Daddy, I got you some credit card”. She then opened her purse and pulled out the reloadable card she picked up in the store. My husband (the sap that he is), smiles and says to The Princess, “thank you baby girl, you think about Daddy all the time”. I was in awe because, well…she never offered me the card AND she ALWAYS does something for her daddy. I, of course, looked at my husband as I always do when situations like this occur. He said nothing, just smiled. I then said to my husband, “your daughter is extremely loyal to you” and he responded “that’s my little girl”. Has your child done anything cute and unexpected today?

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