Friday, August 15, 2008

We're Going to School

After a couple of months of waiting, we received news that The Princess has been accepted to Pre-Kindergarten at Garnett Elementary School. We have been waiting, literally, three months for this decision.

The school system makes you jump through hoops to enroll your child in Pre-K. I don't recall it being this complicated when I enrolled my 18 year-old over 13 years ago. But here’s the low-down on what we had to do…

Before filling out the ten or more pages of registration forms, I had read and was informed that Pre-K children were selected by a “lottery”---children from disadvantaged homes, low income families and children who had not been in a pre-school environment would get selected first. Therefore, I didn’t bother to enroll her at the time. After many co-workers and friends suggested I try, I gave it a shot! In early June, I filled out the forms, mailed them to the school in my district and waited for a response.

Early July came with no response so I called the school and was told to “wait until early August”. I called the first week of August and that’s when the things started to move a bit quicker (school would be starting in 3 weeks). I had to provide family income information AND The Princess had to go through a screening test earlier this week. With all the requirements, you would think she was entering college but we complied and on we went.

Well, the rest is history. The phone call that she was accepted came only three days after the screening test. So, wish us luck and I will be sure to write of our experience on the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL and be sure to share your first day of school stories.

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