Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First Day of School

So much for Wordless Wednesday! Since it was the Princess' FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL, I had to tell you about it.

The Princess woke earlier than usual this morning, excited to start her first day of “big school”. The previous night we picked out the outfit she would wear the first day along with all the necessary accessories, i.e. undies, socks, belt.

After the normal morning routine, we traveled to daycare as this is where she will get on and off the bus. Since this day was extremely special, hubby and I waited at the end of daycare’s driveway until the bus arrived. When the bus stopped I thought for sure The Princess was gonna do an about face and run in the opposite direction. But she was perfectly behaved and approached her growing up like a big girl. She climbed the steps on the bus, with help from dad, like a pro. The bus driver even allowed us to get a photo op once she got to the top of the stairs.

I have included a slideshow of pictures from the first day for your perusal. ENJOY!

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Petula said...

Those pics are so adorable! She looks like you -- to me -- right down to the ponytail. I hope she had a good day.