Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Crying Baby

I have to say that I'm lucky and blessed my job is only a couple of blocks from the school that the Princess attends. On my big shopping day, this weekend, I purchased the rest of her school supplies. Since there were a couple of big items that I had to purchase, there was no way I was going to send the Princess on the bus with these items. I made the smart decision of taking them to the school myself--I could make the time and the distance, of course, was ideal.

Around 11 this morning, I trekked to the school with supplies in tow hoping to just drop them off at the office. Well...I just couldn't resist and boy was it a big mistake. I made a bad decision to check on the Princess to see what she was doing. I should have just dropped her stuff off and jetted. But noooo, I had to check in. At the time, she was eating lunch just a couple of doors from the office. As soon as I entered the cafeteria, she spotted me right away. She then did the unthinkable--she balled her eyes out! SmileyCentral.com I couldn't believe it! I thought she would welcome me with a big smile, throw her arms around me, kiss me and then bid me farewell. I'm sure you can imagine, this didn't happen like I had planned.

Before returning to work I figured I had a few extra minutes to spend with her. I accompanied her to her class where she started crying again. Her teacher was extremely instrumental in saving the day by acknowledging that it was ok for her to be upset. She even got the class involved and asked how they could make her feel better--I thought that was cute. Wouldn't you say so? Her attention was then focused elsewhere and I was able to quietly slip out the door. That was truly a brow wiper--I didn't think I would get out without taking her with me.

What has your child done unexpectedly today?


Petula said...

LOL! Awww... if I recall this has happened to me before with the teenager, but -- you know me -- I just gave a kiss, hug and a pat and assured her I'd see her soon.

Both the younger girls are crying when dropped off now. I expect it from the baby, but the 3 year old was going to daycare not too long ago. I think now she cries because she isn't in the same room as her brother.

Does give you a little pause, huh?

Petula said...

Hey Tina, when you get a chance can you chance the link on my badge to www.petulaw.com instead of the blogspot one? Thanks.