Saturday, September 6, 2008

Being Green

I don't know about you but for quite sometime there has been much buzz, and still is, about "going green". What I mean by this is finding ways to be more eco-friendly, saving the environment, saving energy---you catch my drift?

For a number of months I have been making a good faith effort to join the cause. I have had conversations with my family to get them involved as well. First, I did some 'net research on the various wattages on the florescent light bulbs then I started my search to find the ones that would work best for my home. I was able to purchase about 12-15 bulbs for one price. WHAT A DEAL, considering these bulbs are a bit pricey. Rather than immediately change all of my light bulbs, I waited until my regular bulbs blew out then replaced them with the florescent ones.

The county where I live is a part of the Midshore Regional Recycling Program in MD. I went to my local Public Works office and scooped up a couple of recycling bins. The county picks up your recycling at your curb FREE OF CHARGE. The service will pick up anything that's recyclable. Since we have been doing this for a few months, it has become a way of life. I've even gotten The Princess involved!

You know...we have never been a society to whole heartedly concentrate on saving energy or our environment. But times have changed and we all must start changing the way we do things. I know it will take my family a long time before we can say 100% that we are an eco-friendly family.

Please share your stories of being eco-friendly or how you are trying to save energy or the environment.

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