Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Poem "A Friend"

I haven't mentioned in my previous posts that I have 3 sisters--Jeannie, Carolyn & Arlene. I mention this to give you an idea who I'm referring when I just mention their names. I don't want you to be confused as to who they are.

Ten years plus when my father passed away, Arlene expressed herself through a poem, "A Friend", she wrote in his honor. Because this poem means a lot to her, she legally owns the copyright to the poem. Arlene has decided to pull out the poem, after 10 plus years, and dedicated it to Carolyn and her daughter Charlese to be read at Vaughn's funeral. I have obtained Arlene's permission to share her poem here for your reading pleasure.

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To my sister "Annie"

I sat down today
With heavy thoughts on my mind
I couldn't seem to focus
But had to make the time

Sometimes we must play
That dreadful had we are dealt
I knew that if I told Him
He would know just how I felt

A friend can sometimes see
Just what you have to bare
He can even solve the problem
Without being there

So when that cloud arises
And you think there's no way out
Just call the one who knows all
And He will help you...without a doubt

With much love to you and Charlese,

Your sister Arlene

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Petula said...

That's very touching. I hope everything is going okay...

Soulsearcher said...

This is my first visit to your blog and I was moved by the poem. I read through the rest of the page and I want to express my sympathy on the passing of Vaughn.