Sunday, September 7, 2008


I dedicate this post to my nephew, Vaughn Harris. My family found out late last night that Vaughn was killed in an auto accident. Right now, I'm not totally clear on exactly what happened. Vaughn was the 29 year-old son of my sister Carolyn. He was married only six months ago to Jennifer Hobbs. Vaughn leaves behind not only his wife but two children, Jordan age 9, Jasmine age 8 months and three step-children, Brittany, Zachary and Anthony.

Here are the details of how events transpired...

Kyle entered my room around 1:45 AM today and woke me because my oldest sister Jeannie was on the phone. Here's how our conversation went...

Jeannie: "Vaughn is dead". (she didn't say hello, how are you, nothing)

Me: "Vaughn who"

Jeannie: "What Vaughn do you think?"

Me: "What happened"

Jeannie: "We don't know all the details but I think you need to be here".

Me: "I'll be there as soon as I can. I'll meet you at Carolyn's house".

My understanding is that by the time Jeannie was able to get a hold of me, Vaughn's body had been removed from the vehicle and taken to the medical examiners office. During my conversation with her, my husband had awoke and Kyle was still standing by my bed. Kyle knew something had to be wrong because of the time of the call and the fact that Jeannie wouldn't tell him anything until she talked to me.

Apparently, my mother and sisters had been trying to call me for nearly 3 hours. When I checked the caller ID's on the home & cell phones, I could have kicked myself that I had missed a total of about 18 calls.
After I hung up the phone I told Pete and Kyle and that we all needed to get dressed. We didn't go to the accident site--we just made a beeline to Carolyn's house. This will be a tough week for all of us. Please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers.


Arlene said...

I am an older sister of Tina. My name is Arlene. I am also the older sister of Carolyn. Vaughn was one of my sons. He grew up with my boys, Jamie and Jeffrey. I can remember them being together and making so much noise in that bedroom. Dwaine would have to go and make them be quiet. It is a sad day for all of us. We want you to keep us in your prayes as we get through this. But also send out a special prayer for Charlese and Carolyn to be kept in God's sight and to help them sustain.

Petula said...

I am so sorry to here this. I really am. I pray that you guys from some type of peace in this difficult time. Please pass on my condolences to Carolyn... I am so sorry.

Ann said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Tina.
I'm so sorry.

Sharon said...

When I heard the news, all I could say was Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. I am the first cousin of Carolyn, Arlene, Jeannie and Tina. My heart hurts when I think of Vaughan being taken from us at an early age. I remember how happy he was on his wedding day and his wonder smile. May the peace that surpasses all understanding comfort you all. Love Ya'll

Cousin Sharon

Mekhismom said...

I am so sorry to hear about this. So so sorry.

Zita said...

My name is Zita. I am also a first cousin of Carolyn. Where do I start? I'll try to be brief. Carolyn is a VERY strong God-fearing woman. That's a big help, since God is the only one that will pull us through this one! Charlese, Jennifer, and the rest of our family will have to pull together and support each other. Vaughn was a very special part of all of our lives. I particularly loved to see him smile from ear to ear (like Carolyn....and Charlese too) and say, "What's up, CUZ?!" Everytime he would ride by the house, he would holler out the window...."Zeeeeeee or Dezzzzz" or whoever he saw standing out there. We will truly miss him and his warming smile. One day we will meet again and I'm sure Vaughn will welcome me with a great big smile and a "What's up, CUZ?!" I love yall!

Keena said...

Hello I am Keena, one of Vaughn's older cousins. I am the eldest daughter of Jeanie and Joe. I can't believe my lil' cuz, rother and friend is gone. I didn'tfind out until Sunday (September 7th) morning when my boyfried told me. I told him he was lying to me and I laid back down on the bed and closed my eyes hoping that when I wold open them again he would tell me it was a dream. But when I opened them it wasn't and I just collasped in his arms. All I could say was why, when he was doing so well. But I guess God does work in mysterious ways and he took my cousin for a reason and a purpose. I'll have all the memories of our childhood, when we went back Grannie's playing outside, or in the front room, or even when we all would be over to Auntie's (Arlene) Vaughn, Shauna, Keshia, Juanneice, amie, Jeff, and myself. We would have the greatest times. Vaughn I never got the chance to tell you how proud I am of you. You have blossomed into a wonderful man. Now I know I have an angel up there. I know you are laughing and cutting up already with Granny, Pop, and Pop Pop. And I know that when that cool breeze blows and the sun is shining and I start laughing for no reason, it will be you. Cuz, you will be dearly missed but never forgotten.
With love, Keena, Spoon, Miya, Kiya, Mekyl, and Quamere. Please keep my family in your prayers, especially Aunt Carol, Charlese, and MomMom

Shawkita said...

My name is Shawkita Harris. Vaughn is my 1st cousin on my dad's side of the family but my mom is a Seals so it felt like he was family on both sides since Zita, Jamie and Jeff are my cousins and Arlene & Dwaine are like my aunt and uncle. Vaughn and I use to joke all the time about who was the big cousin. I was a few months older then him and we were classmates as well as cousins. So, people use to ask all the time if I was his lil' cousin and I would say, "no, I'm his big cousin b/c I 'm older." Vaughn use to just shake his head and say, "now, come on now, you know I'm the big cousin." Vaughn had become such a strong man in character, one that took care of home and I was so proud of him for that! He was always generous and kind and made sure that I was in the Harris' family loop at all times and I appreciated him for that. Vaughn will be sorely missed by me and I can't believe that he is gone. My prayers go out to all of the family.
Psalm 69:29
I am in pain and distress; may your salvation, O God, protect me.

Sherri said...

My name is Sherri. I am a 2nd cousin to Tina and Carolyn. I am truly sadden by the news of Vaughn's passing. He had grown up and became a man so fast. I remember he was so happy at his wedding and I was so proud of the man he had become. I remember the times we spent back Mom Eleanor's and at family dinners. His smile and hugs will be surely missed. I know that God is in control and a family that prays together, stays together. Pray for "Cousin Curl", Charlese, Aunt Cissy and the rest of our family, that God will see us through. God Bless and love ya!