Thursday, September 18, 2008

Moving Right Along

Here's Kyle coming home from work tonight. I'm sure he's hating me right now and to know I've posted it here. I just wanted to report that things are going well for Kyle at his "new job". He's been there for nearly three weeks and seems to be enjoying it.

When he got his first paycheck, we both knew right away what he was going to do with it---open his very own bank account. He got his first check last Thursday and I took him to the PNC Bank the next day. Since he's now 18 he doesn't need me to be on the account with him. It's time that he takes care of business himself, however, I will be there when he needs me. It was a joyous occasion to see my baby open his own checking account. 'Checking account' you say? Yes, but without the checks. He wanted to be able to utilize the debit card feature and this can only be done with a checking account.

Kyle was happier than a pig in slop (how you like the analogy). He did it all by himself and within days received his Visa debit card. I have "schooled" him along the entire process on how to handle his newfound wealth to thwart off identity theft or just plain out THEFT. He is a good student when it comes to matters of money and credit. I wish him all the luck in the world, now that he's a part of the "working class".

Please enjoy this song about money from the O'Jays. Just a bit of ol' skool that I like!


Lin said...

It is really hard to teach the teens about money--how to use it, how to save it, how to earn it. I'm channeling my inner grandpa when I find myself saying "Money doesn't grow on trees, you know" and I say it way too often. I wish your son good luck in his new job and may he save a few bucks in the process. Oh yeah--it will be nice not to have to bankroll his fun anymore! :)

Petula said...

I'm so proud of him... that's great. Amber has had her checking account for a year or more and she does really well with it. A couple of "learning curves," but she's a regular expert. LOL. I'm sure he'll do great too. I'm glad the job is going well for him.