Monday, October 20, 2008

Halloween Fun

Usually, Halloween is not one of my favorite times of celebration. I went a few years, before my daughter was born, of not having to deal with it. However, since she's been in daycare and now in school, she has bugged me for the past month about "going to Halloween".

In Petula's post "What are you going to wear?". The first thing that came to mind was during my high school years when Petula and I dressed up and went trick or treating. It brings back some good memories! During this particular Halloween, I believe it was 1985, we dressed as fast food workers. It was easy to pull off because we both worked at a fast food joint. I know there's a picture of us floating around, I'll have to check to see if I still have it.

Usually, I don't dress up for Halloween but this year I may reconsider. I've had some ideas floating in my head but nothing concrete, yet. Just earlier today, I thought about doing something from the 60's or 70's. I am fond of these years especially the music and style of dress. I'm contemplating doing something cool and funky nothing risque!

The Princess has selected her costume of choice...HANNA MONTANA. I'm truly excited to see the first ever African-American version of Hanna Montana. Our last trip to Walmart yielded a costume and a blonde long-haired wig. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures--I'm anxious to see how this one turns out.


Lin said...

How funny! I can't wait for the photos. I'm with you on the Halloween thing. After years and years of hand-sewing creative costumes for the kids, I wince when my 13 year old requests something to wear now. I'm leaving it up to her--I'm officially retired.

Petula said...

Hey! I don't remember that! Are you sure it was me? Maybe your memory is failing in your old age. LOL!

I can't wait to see pictures of the princess in her custome.

Forgive me for not being around in awhile. You know how life gets... how are you and everyone doing?

Allison said...

Ah yes, Hanna Montana. My 9yo is totally obsessed with her these days.

I had to make that wig disappears a couple of weeks ago. It had seen better days. Shhh... lol

Petula said...

Hey Tina!! Where ya been? I hope you're having a wonderful Christmas and that everything is going okay. TTYS